Photos from my new camera

About two weeks ago I bought a camera on eBay to bring to Japan with me, and it came yesterday! Its a Nikon D40 and I’m currently shooting it with a 28-90mm zoom lens that also has a macro feature for up close photos. I’m fairly new to photography, but learning quickly. I took a 4 hour “photo walk” around my home town of Portland today (which included several stops for coffee and lunch) and these are some of my better photos.

Saw this dog outside of Little Big Burger in the Pearl District

Entrance to the famous Powell’s Books. I love all the action going on.

I was surprised at how well the D40 picks up colors i.e the yellow on the front of the streetcar!

Shoots black and white extremely well too.

Taking advantage of the macro feature on my lens here.

The early morning light at the beginning of my walk was ideal.

I stopped off at Washington Park for some nature pictures.

The lines in this photo really draw your eyes around, and I love the contrasting blues.


Thanks for stopping by today!


One thought on “Photos from my new camera

  1. These photos are really good Chris. Your composition is really cool. I would suggest getting to know the white balance settings very well (especially manual white balancing) because Nikon’s like to leave images a little cooler than desired

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