En Route Tokyo

Hello! After a long journey starting in Portland at 8am on the 24th and ending in Tokyo at 12am on the 26th I finally have time to update this blog. The following photos were taken en route to Tokyo at both LAX and Narita Airport. Japan is a truly unique country and I’ve never been anywhere remotely similar! I’ve been doing a little bit if exploring and start work tomorrow. More photos to come!

A reader board at LAX.

The massive Tom Bradley international terminal!

I love the El-Al jets. They’re equipped with missile deflection systems!

I’m slightly obsessed with planes and the A380 is the largest commercial airliner. It was amazingly quiet and unsurprisingly roomy. The Singapore airlines staff were extremely gracious and made the 12 hour flight quite pleasant (or about as good as it could be). Note the size of the police car next to the engine!

Narita airport is easily the cleanest transit hub I’ve ever been to.




Thanks for stopping by today!


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