Shinjuku and Park Hyatt

Yesterday I went to Shinjuku with some friends after work. We got there around 8pm (we work 11-7) right as things were picking up. Shinjuku is by far my favorite place in Tokyo so far! It’s what you might call the “stereotypical” Tokyo with lots of neon, crowds, and narrow alleyways (Tokyo is much more diverse in reality but more on that later). Shinjuku is also home to the Park Hyatt Hotel. If you’re ever here take out a small loan, go to the Park Hyatt, ride the elevator to the 52nd floor, and use the loan to buy a drink. I guarantee there will be no regrets. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are also crowded alleys with tiny bars that seat about 10 people and are so cool! If you’re a foreigner you have to ask before going in, but the sentiment is generally very friendly and relaxed.

Crowds outside the Shinjuku JR station. I’ve discovered a love for black and white!


Neat looking office building…


And again in bw. Which do you like better and why? I think it produces “richer” images and is great for patterns and textures.





Architecture…bw really makes the details POP





More neon!!


Alleyways and small bars…a bit disappointed with how this one turned out, but didn’t have time to stop and mess with the settings. All of my photos are unedited when I put them up.


I was brave and tried raw squid sushi. A bit umm chewey, but not terrible with enough sauce haha.



The lobby of the Park Hyatt



And proof I was actually there 🙂


I’m still learning lots about photography and always appreciate comments and tips.

Thanks for stopping by today!


3 thoughts on “Shinjuku and Park Hyatt

  1. AMAZING!! This will be fun following you on your journey…I don’t know anything about photography, but I like all of the pics! Can’t even imagine eating raw squid…you are a braver soul than I.

  2. Thanks for sharing. We got engaged on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt in June 2009 so this is a very special place for us. Great moody shots too!

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