Ueno Park and Tokyo Met Art

I was eating lunch in Ginza yesterday when I happened to meet a woman from Chicago, living in Japan, who told me I had to visit Ueno Park. It was awesome! Ueno Park is not just a park, but the home of several museums including the National Gallery and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. I only went to the Met Art today but will be making trips back in the future. I love art museums and was pretty much in heaven. This post is a bit long and represents about a quarter of the pictures I took.

I’ve been trying to focus on lighting and exposure as my photography improves. I’m learning to remember to set the ISO and white balance properly, as well as use the compensation feature. I shoot in aperture priority mode 99% of the time except in really dark environments. I’m also trying to change up my subject matter a bit. I tend to photograph a lot of things, but not really scenes. In my opinion the best photos are ones that you can imagine stories behind or create intrigue. This coming week I’m going to try to photograph more social situations and really try to capture emotion. Although, I still have a bunch of photos from the Imperial Palace and Akasaka neighborhood that I’d like to post. In the mean time, enjoy!

I really like the way the lighting turned out in this photo. More by accident than my my skill as a photographer 😉



Neat looking totem pole at the entrance to the zoo.


All these people were taking a nap!


Nicest Starbucks I’ve ever seen.


Playful little dog.



Cute kid running circles around the globe 🙂


I couldn’t resist haha!


Inside the Tokyo Met Art…





I wish I could have understood what this guy was saying about his piece.


Not a bad idea though!


Great looking escalator. I took a bunch of pictures of it until people started looking at me oddly…





This guy was immensely popular and had a huge crowd gathered around him. I guess juggling to ‘sandstorm’ blasting in the background is poplular.



Thanks for stopping by!




One thought on “Ueno Park and Tokyo Met Art

  1. Hey Chris, I had coffee with your mom this morning and she gave me your blog address. I love the pictures as well as the lessons in photography. You are really giving your readers a sense of the scale and mass of Tokyo. Enjoy your adventures.

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