My first attempt at ‘street’ photography

Lately I noticed that my pictures were lacking something…people! Taking pictures of people is more difficult because nobody wants to be that creepy rando snapping photos at the train station. It is also more fun because you get really interesting results! ‘Street’ photography, as it’s called, requires a good deal of practice and pretty much prohibits you from having a pencil mustache. I left work a bit early today to take a look at the location of a festival I’ll be photographing tomorrow. On the way I attempted to be the non-creepy, gaijin rando snapping photos at the train station. I haven’t gone so far as to ask someone to pose for a picture on the street yet, but I think it’s a good start. I’d appreciate any feedback!

Tonight’s sunset made for a great backdrop.




Two nice old ladies at Tameike-Sannō Crossing



These guys were intensely debating over the that festival carriage.


By FAR my favorite!



Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by today!

I know there’s no people in this one but what a pleasant street!



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