Shinagawa Jinja Shrine; Tokyo, Japan

This summer I was living in Tokyo and working as an intern at the Japan Times. One day my boss asked me if I would go to a festival at the Shinagawa Jinja Shrine to take pictures for a weekend events piece. I took the JR Yamanote line from my office to Shinagawa Station and walked to the shrine through a pleasant neighborhood to the shrine. I am always surprised how quiet parts of Tokyo are, despite being the world’s largest city. I arrived just as the evening’s ceremonies were beginning and took these photos.

There are thousands of shrines all over Tokyo, big and small. Most of them have a festival unique to the specific shrine that happens once a year. The festivals usually include a temple that gets carried around by men as well as other ceremonial activities. Unfortunately, I’m still not as familiar with religion in Japan as I am other aspects of the country.

None of my photos ended up getting used, but the experience was still one of the most memorable in my entire time in Japan!



This is the alter that was going to get carried the next day.


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