DSC_4410I think the best time to photograph the moon is just before or just after sunset, when the light is in transition from light to dark. It provides a much more dynamic and beautiful background for the subject. The trees also add context and framing.

To take this photo I used my Dolica Proline tripod and set an eight-second exposure @ f/16.



I snapped this photo on a rainy afternoon in Omotesando, Tokyo this summer. I remember it was the first time I’d been there and I was wandering around in the downpour looking for an art gallery I was to write a piece about. I stopped at a small coffee shop to warm up and got out my camera.

The people passing by with umbrellas made for great scenes. This was my favorite photo from the day. I think it has a really strong narrative and it’s one of those split-second shots that happens to work. I love that it’s a shot which can never be replicated and I was lucky enough to see it and press the shutter in time.