Tokyo ~ One Year Photo-Retrospective, Part 1

About 1 year ago this month I was working as a journalist for the Japan Times newspaper and having an absolute blast living in Tokyo. I think a lot of people visit Japan with a very specific preconception of what the country is all about. I can guarantee you it is nothing like the stereotypes. I really did not know what to expect, but my experience surpassed anything I could have hoped for. Japan is a truly unique place that never ceased to surprise me. Please enjoy some of my favorite images and stories in this three part post.


Tokyo is a city of juxtapositions: old and new, bustling and quiet, thrilling and relaxed. This is the Hie Shrine which was a few minutes walk from my apartment in Akasaka. The Shrine is hundreds of years old yet is surrounded by modern sky scrapers and blends seamlessly into the surrounding area. This is a scene characteristic of countless places all over Tokyo.


Here is another great example. I took this while wandering around Shibuya one evening. The world’s busiest intersection and this guy is as relaxed as ever on his bike (and rocking a fedora to boot). So Tokyo.



Here’s another shot of the Shibuya intersection. I had to stealthily sneak up to the top floor of a hotel to get this shot.



And as it turns out, the land of the rising sun is also the land of the setting sun. I snapped this from the roof of my apartment building the night after Hurricane Guchol passed over Japan. The hurricane itself is a whole different story, but this is definitely one of my favorite photos from the entire 8 weeks there.

Tokyo Sunset

Well, I guess some of the stereotypes are true…Thanks for stopping by today!

Japanese vending machines




Tokyo Transportation

There’s so many ways to get around in Tokyo!

Walking. I walked EVERYWHERE when I lived in Tokyo.

The world’s busiest intersection.


Salarymen walk.

Old ladies walk.

People walk with umbrellas.

And of course, bikes! Sooooooo many bikes.

Expensive bike. 1889

Business bike. 873

Nighttime bike. 1277

Rebel bike!20120701-163523.jpg


Then there’s cars. Small car. 891

Cool car that I wish Audi would sell in the U.S.1155

Expensive car. 2510

Another expensive car. 1871

And even another expensive car!2511

Stealth taxi. 1302


Trains are a great way to get around too. I commuted to work on the Chiyoda line every morning. 597

Red train. 884

Green train. 877

Blue train. 886

Waiting for the train. 😦1174


Waiting on the train. 869

Sleeping on the train. 🙂915


And when you have to leave Tokyo…airplanes. 2591



King airplane. 2688

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