Hollywood and Vine

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I think that photo-walks are a really good way to get to know your city. I love just walking for a few hours around an area with my camera. I did this all the time in Japan over the summer, but I haven’t had as many opportunities to do so in LA this year. The city is not the most ‘walkable’ ever, but it’s not terrible. I just haven’t had the time to get out there.

A few weeks ago I did get a chance to walk around Hollywood with my girlfriend. I’ve been to Hollywood a bunch, but I hadn’t had a chance to explore it on foot. We took the LA metro (which I think isĀ aesthetically the worst subways system ever…more on that later) to Hollywood Blvd and Vine, and then walked up to Hollywood and Highland. Hollywood is full of interesting people and it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to do street photography. The area is also a lot more grimey than it’s portrayed by…well, Hollywood.

The sun had set completely by the time I took this second photo. I was surprised I was able to hand-hold the camera still enough that the picture came out this clear. The whole front of this tattoo shop was visually enticing but I would’ve been standing in the middle of the road to shot it. I’m still happy with the end product.

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I took this series of photographs this November near my grandparents’ farm outside of Janesville, Wisconsin. Rural countryside in the winter, with the barren fields and pale sky, can feel immensely bleak; especially in black and white.

I used my Nikon N80 with t-max 400 film to take these photos. I think it was the perfect medium, given that a color photo would look almost the same that time year. In contrast to the landscape however, my grandparents’ home is extremely warm and welcoming.

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I just got a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 film back from the lab. The pictures are incredible! I just don’t think I would be able to reproduce this same look with digital.

I took this photo in Chicago right after Thanksgiving. If you’re a Dark Knight fan like me you’ll get the reference.


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Kodachrome was the world’s most popular color film from 1935 until it was sadly discontinued in 2009. As a slide film, opposed to negative, the colors are exceptional. There are hundreds of thousands of Kodachrome slides for sale on line. If you find a picture you like, you can buy it and digitally scan it to make prints. You can also do it the old- fashioned way: analogue.

I found this slide on eBay and I’m having an analogue print made of it for my dad as a Christmas gift. My dad loves trains so I thought this would be neat. There’s a shop in Portland called Blue Moon Camera that will make analogue prints and enlargements on light sensitive paper if you bring them developed film. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Porta 400: Huntington Gardens and Olvera Street

I decided to make a small investment into a Nikon film camera that would be inexpensive and still work with my current lenses. After doing some research, I ended up finding a Nikon N80 on Ebay for $35! When my family visited a few weeks ago, my mom brought me a roll of Kodak Porta 400 to shoot. Film photography is a blast! The colors are incredible and the dynamic range is way better than anything I could get with a digital camera that costs 100x as much as my N80. I am definitely hooked, and currently working on a roll of T-Max 400. More photos to come!