DSC_4410I think the best time to photograph the moon is just before or just after sunset, when the light is in transition from light to dark. It provides a much more dynamic and beautiful background for the subject. The trees also add context and framing.

To take this photo I used my Dolica Proline tripod and set an eight-second exposure @ f/16.


The Alley

Lately I’ve been experimenting with still-life and scenic type photography, where I use my tripod and take a long time composing the shot. I like the added ability a tripod gives you to be able to produce very sharp images in low light.

There is a pair of shoes hanging in the alleyway behind my house that I’ve been wanting to photograph for some time. The lighting wasn’t exactly how I wanted it today, but I thought I’d give it a go anyways.

I took two photos (with multiple tries per photo). This first photo is zoomed in closer which makes the shoes the primary focus, but I think I like the second one better with the full view of the alley. What do you think?



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Still life.

Gregory Crewdson  is one of my favorite artists. He takes amazing still life type photos using elaborate lighting and an 8×10 format film camera. The end result is incredible.

This year I got a tripod from my family for Christmas and I was feeling inspired by my current home of Los Angeles to try and take some similar photos. The three you see below were all taken after dark, but I can’t wait to do some twilight/sunset shots. There are tons of locations I’ve seen while out running all over the city that I’d love photograph in this way.

For these photos I used my Nikon D40 with a 18-70mm lens on my tripod. The exposures were between 8 and 20 seconds.




The Church


This is another photo from my latest roll of T-Max 400. I am very pleased with the tonal range and immense detail that film gives me. I shoot digital 80% of the time but if I’m going somewhere really cool specifically to take pictures I’ll always reach for the film camera first.

My Nikon N80 cost me $35 dollars on eBay, the lens was around $90. That $125 dollar combo made this photo along with a host of my other pictures. While some photographers think film is obsolete, others are helping it’s renaissance. As a student I cannot afford a full-frame digital camera that costs in the thousands of dollars. Film photography is a great way to develop your photography skills. It really forces you to think about the shots you’re taking and isn’t a pain in the wallet.

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Porta 400: Huntington Gardens and Olvera Street

I decided to make a small investment into a Nikon film camera that would be inexpensive and still work with my current lenses. After doing some research, I ended up finding a Nikon N80 on Ebay for $35! When my family visited a few weeks ago, my mom brought me a roll of Kodak Porta 400 to shoot. Film photography is a blast! The colors are incredible and the dynamic range is way better than anything I could get with a digital camera that costs 100x as much as my N80. I am definitely hooked, and currently working on a roll of T-Max 400. More photos to come!