Year of the Snake








I snapped this photo on a rainy afternoon in Omotesando, Tokyo this summer. I remember it was the first time I’d been there and I was wandering around in the downpour looking for an art gallery I was to write a piece about. I stopped at a small coffee shop to warm up and got out my camera.

The people passing by with umbrellas made for great scenes. This was my favorite photo from the day. I think it has a really strong narrative and it’s one of those split-second shots that happens to work. I love that it’s a shot which can never be replicated and I was lucky enough to see it and press the shutter in time.

The Alley

Lately I’ve been experimenting with still-life and scenic type photography, where I use my tripod and take a long time composing the shot. I like the added ability a tripod gives you to be able to produce very sharp images in low light.

There is a pair of shoes hanging in the alleyway behind my house that I’ve been wanting to photograph for some time. The lighting wasn’t exactly how I wanted it today, but I thought I’d give it a go anyways.

I took two photos (with multiple tries per photo). This first photo is zoomed in closer which makes the shoes the primary focus, but I think I like the second one better with the full view of the alley. What do you think?



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Still life.

Gregory Crewdson  is one of my favorite artists. He takes amazing still life type photos using elaborate lighting and an 8×10 format film camera. The end result is incredible.

This year I got a tripod from my family for Christmas and I was feeling inspired by my current home of Los Angeles to try and take some similar photos. The three you see below were all taken after dark, but I can’t wait to do some twilight/sunset shots. There are tons of locations I’ve seen while out running all over the city that I’d love photograph in this way.

For these photos I used my Nikon D40 with a 18-70mm lens on my tripod. The exposures were between 8 and 20 seconds.





I took this series of photographs this November near my grandparents’ farm outside of Janesville, Wisconsin. Rural countryside in the winter, with the barren fields and pale sky, can feel immensely bleak; especially in black and white.

I used my Nikon N80 with t-max 400 film to take these photos. I think it was the perfect medium, given that a color photo would look almost the same that time year. In contrast to the landscape however, my grandparents’ home is extremely warm and welcoming.

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Shinagawa Jinja Shrine; Tokyo, Japan

This summer I was living in Tokyo and working as an intern at the Japan Times. One day my boss asked me if I would go to a festival at the Shinagawa Jinja Shrine to take pictures for a weekend events piece. I took the JR Yamanote line from my office to Shinagawa Station and walked to the shrine through a pleasant neighborhood to the shrine. I am always surprised how quiet parts of Tokyo are, despite being the world’s largest city. I arrived just as the evening’s ceremonies were beginning and took these photos.

There are thousands of shrines all over Tokyo, big and small. Most of them have a festival unique to the specific shrine that happens once a year. The festivals usually include a temple that gets carried around by men as well as other ceremonial activities. Unfortunately, I’m still not as familiar with religion in Japan as I am other aspects of the country.

None of my photos ended up getting used, but the experience was still one of the most memorable in my entire time in Japan!



This is the alter that was going to get carried the next day.


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Dead end

About a week ago I went to visit MacLeay Park in Portland. The park is one of my favorites not only for its natural beauty but because of all the Portland history behind it. I’m a huge history buff.

I was intending to use up the last few shots on my current roll of film, but nothing caught my eye. After enjoying the park for a while, ice cold rain started to fall so I called it a day and headed back to my car.

About a block away I noticed this scene and knew I’d found something special. This old Lincoln with New Jersey plates and ‘suicide’ doors was sitting next to a dead end sign. It was just what I was looking for.

Dead End