A short trip to Portland

I graduated from the University of Southern California on Friday! I’m on my way home for two weeks before starting my job in the Bay Area. I’ve almost finished the first roll of film from my Canonet 28 and can’t wait to have that developed. More updates to come once I get to Portland!



St. John’s Bridge


The St. John’s bridge opened in 1931 and spans the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. It was designed by David Steinman, who also designed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On the east side of the bridge is Cathedral Park, which I visited on a rainy December day.

On the west side of the bridge is Forest Park, which makes for excellent photography. I love how it looks like the bridge just disappears into the trees. The Gothic architecture of the bridge towers is stunning. Steinman definitely knew what he was doing. This photo has a very distinct ‘mood’.


Thanks for stopping by today!


Dead end

About a week ago I went to visit MacLeay Park in Portland. The park is one of my favorites not only for its natural beauty but because of all the Portland history behind it. I’m a huge history buff.

I was intending to use up the last few shots on my current roll of film, but nothing caught my eye. After enjoying the park for a while, ice cold rain started to fall so I called it a day and headed back to my car.

About a block away I noticed this scene and knew I’d found something special. This old Lincoln with New Jersey plates and ‘suicide’ doors was sitting next to a dead end sign. It was just what I was looking for.

Dead End