Hibiya Park & Kokai Gijido (Japanese Government HQ)

Sunday evening I decided to visit Hibiya Koen and Kokai Gijido. Despite being within a 20 minute walk of my apartment, I still hadn’t made it to this beautiful area. Kokai Gijido is the government headquarters for Japan where all of the ministry buildings, the Diet (equivalent of the Capital) building, and the Prime Minister’s residence are located…

First, meet Tavish and Dahlia. This are my fellow fellows here in Tokyo. Tavish unfortunately had to return to the United States so we had a nice goodbye lunch yesterday.

I see the funniest things written on t-shirts here.



I really like the composition of this one, but its too bright :/ I’m slowly learning to take way more photos than I think I need to get a good shot.




This cat posed for some pictures…


…and then decided to take a nap 🙂 — side note: this was THE BIGGEST cat I have ever seen.


A short walk from Hibiya is Kokai Gijido.



This is the Diet Building (no, it isn’t the ministry of losing weight) which is equivalent to the Capitol in Washington D.C. An interesting fact, this building was completed in 1936, just at the start of Japanese aggression leading up to World War II…Just think about all the conversations that must have occurred in there.


I met these two women outside the Diet building. I asked them what their signs said and if I could take a picture, “Japan doesn’t need nukes anymore!” they replied, and asked if I would like to have a picture with them as well.


Which I did…There was a police officer standing right behind the woman who took this and appeared very curious as to why this foreigner would want a picture with the ladies.


The Prime Minister’s official residence was obscured by a huge wall and bushes, but you could see the very top of it. Apparently he whines about having to live there. Hah!



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