Pre-Departure Mt. Hood Hike

Mt. Hood, located in the Cascade Range, is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. Its just an hour and a half drive from Portland and offers amazing hikes in the summer and skiing (or snowboarding I suppose) in the winter. I made a point of getting up to hike at least once before leaving for Tokyo. My best friend Ryan and I decided to hike to Ramona Falls on the western spur. I’m still learning about photography and probably could have used a UV filter today, but I did get about 10 or 15 good shots out of about 155. Enjoy!

The alpine portion of the Sandy River.

No love for the horses I guess. That water looked freezing!

The “hikers only” bridge. The forest service takes it down every fall and re-installs it in the spring. If they didn’t it would get washed out from flash floods.

Macro pictures are so easy to take and produce amazing results!

Came across this twig literally hanging on by a thread. What are the chances?!

This is the reward for two hours of hiking. Ramona Falls! Almost looks unreal and definitely post-card worthy. One of the many reasons I love the PNW.

Closer in the cascading water looks so cool! I was shooting at f/16 I believe.

I thought this was a neat picture. It really gives you a sense of the drop off next to the trail leading up t0 the falls. Had to sneak up to the edge to take it. Luckily heights don’t bother me 🙂

Great view of Mt. Hood, and I don’t mind the cloud obscuring the summit. It adds to the composition and its what I had to work with.

Meet Ryan, best friend and hiking companion. He’s not actually that serious, and had just finished lobbing stones at me before I took this.

Ryan’s car and the parking lot.

We stopped at the Zig Zag Cafe on the way back. Had great pizza and beer! I’m really developing a taste for pilsners and this one was excellent. The lighting was a bit dim so I increased the ISO, but you can see the graininess of the picture as a result. The colors and reflection on the bottle are very pleasing though.

Thanks for stopping by!